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Members and non-members alike can trust Wisconsin Credit Association Commercial Recovery Services Department to assist with debt recovery here in the United States or anywhere in the world. For IMMEDIATE COLLECTION use our placement forms listed below and our Recovery Services Department will begin collection efforts on your behalf today.

Commercial Collection Placement Form

Consumer Collection Placement Form

International Collection Placement Form

BACKGROUND….Wisconsin Credit Association Commercial Recovery Services Department offers effective results. Regardless of your company’s size or location, the consistent common denominator of all business concerns is professional and efficient recovery specialists who can help with your delinquent accounts.

CREDENTIALS…..Wisconsin Credit Association Commercial Recovery Services Department is recognized and acknowledged for establishing and setting industry standards for generally accepted credit and collection practices and principles and is integrally associated with the Commercial Law League of America. To ensure our financial responsibility, Wisconsin Credit Association Inc is licensed by the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions.

PERSONALIZED SERVICE…..Our experienced professional staff acts as an extension of your collection function working with you to obtain results. We pride ourselves on our ability to analyze each case, take the necessary and appropriate action(s) and recover your receivable in the shortest time possible. Our number one goal is to protect our members’ interests at all times. Our recovery services staff can provide you with professional and practical advice at critical times during the collection process.

INDIVIDUALIZED & STATISTICAL INFORMATION…..Effective no-nonsense communications is key to keeping you informed on your debtors. We report significant timely information to you as your case proceeds. We provide, upon request, a computerized status report to keep you apprised on all of your debtor accounts, allowing you to track individual debtor progress.

When you engage our services you will receive:
  1. Commercial Credit Reporting Capability – Your Association is responsible for controls and has access to multiple commercial credit reporting data bases. When appropriate, we advise and update these databases of an adverse case or situation, so that other credit managers are aware of action occurring on a particular debtor.
  2. Automatic or Immediate Engagement – Claims which are placed for immediate collection are opened and engaged the same day we receive them. For Association members who choose to use the 10-Day Free Demand service: If your debtor does not respond to your final demand and WCA Notice to Debtor by the end of the demand period you have specified, we automatically open the claim file and immediately begin collection efforts on your behalf.
  3. 10-Day Free Demand Service – Association Members are offered the flexibility of our 10-Day Free Demand Service. You can select your own demand period (up to 10 calendar days) where accounts may be paid or withdrawn with no fee due. Please contact our Commercial Recovery Services Department for assistance with this service.
  4. Contingent or Hourly Engagement – Only Wisconsin Credit Association Commercial Recovery Services Department offers its clients the choice of a contingent or hourly placement. Choose which option works best for you.
  5. Forwarding Service – Wisconsin Credit Association Commercial Recovery Services Departments affiliation with attorneys nationwide can expedite any necessary legal action that may be required to recover your receivables.
  6. Contingent Rate Guarantees – Wisconsin Credit Association Commercial Recovery Services Department will guarantee the same contingency rate percentage whether we recover your receivable or our network of attorneys causes a recovery.


Wisconsin Credit Association Commercial Recovery Services Department
15755 West Rogers Drive
PO Box 510157
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Office: 866.546.2880