Every credit department relies on outside sources for credit and financial information on new and existing customers.  Most orders to cash departments subscribe to one credit reporting service or another but, that may not work or be your best option.  Are you aware you can be smart and have access to ten (10) different sources of credit information?  We can provide that to you together with value and flexibility with our umbrella WCA Credit Report Subscriptions starting as low as $199.  A WCA Report Subscription gives you access to all the above credit reporting sources.  Companies do not need to subscribe to only one credit report provider. 


Consumer reports, international business credit reports, domestic trade reports, reports on small companies and their ownership we have them all.   If you are not sure what you are going to need, or which is best, why not elect to have access to them all?  The Association created its WCA Report Subscription program that includes access to ten (10) databases including Experian, Coface, Equifax, Creditreform, Dun & Bradstreet, and others in one never expiring subscription for you. Sounds simple? It is! Our current subscribers enjoy that flexibility and can consult with us, on a case-by-case basis, to select which report may be best for a particular situation.  Other benefits of our subscription are: no annual contracts, no premiums for supplements, no “use-em” or “lose-em” problems and we provide monthly usage reports showing your subscription status so you can determine if it’s time to purchase more now or later.


If interested in saving time and money by managing your order to cash team’s reporting costs, a WCA Credit Report Subscription may be your answer.  Call today for more information or for a personal consultation.



TO REQUEST A CREDIT REPORT ONLINE, CLICK HERE or send your email request to creditreports@wcacredit.org.  If you have questions, please contact our Credit Reporting team, Gail or Chrys, at 888-546-2880.

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