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In order to provide maximum value to our clients, The Association provides you access to all data bases we have one single, simple, low cost, WCA report subscription that does not expire. Credit Managers do not need to subscribe individually to every single database or information provider, in order to receive the best outside credit reporting information available. From Consumer Reports to Reports on International Customers and everything in between.

The Association wraps up a program for you, that automatically provides multiple data bases/providers in one, single subscription. Sounds simple? It is! Our current subscribers already enjoy the flexibility described and rely on their professional Association for data these sources provide that assists them in the credit worthiness decision.

Other benefits of our subscriptions are no compensating renewals, no premiums for supplements, no contract expiration dates and no “use-em” or “lose-em” problems.

If you are interested in getting more for less, saving time and money, managing your credit reporting costs, The Association’s Credit Reporting Services is your solution.

Call today for more information or a personal consultation that will open up all the doors to credit information resources your company can use.

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