'YES' Temporary Help Services

Headset for help services

Our specialized and experienced staff is available to help you: obtain immediate results, maximize your collection efforts,  get caught up, and maintain your credit and collection efforts and improve your cash flow. Experienced staff can work at YOUR office or at OUR OFFICE, you choose!

Who Needs YES Temporary Services?

  • Companies who do not have sufficient staff to collect receivables on a timely basis.
  • Companies who have or will be downsized. (Rightsized)
  • Companies looking for quick turn over of receivables.
  • Companies involved in acquisitions, requiring short-term help from experienced people to collect, validate or resolve disputes on past-due accounts.
  • Companies who are under a hiring freeze but can use outsourced or temporary help.
  • Companies who are struggling to keep up during peak sales periods.
  • Companies who need to turnover their accounts receivables into CASH…NOW!

How Does It Work?
Who else but your professional business credit association has the contacts, skilled personnel and network to provide you with trained and experienced persons in a highly specialized field such as credit, collection and accounts receivable. Our YES program staff members are former private sector collectors, credit assistants, cash appliers, deduction specialists and credit managers. They have worked in the field and are employed by your Association for the singular purpose of providing your company with the quality and effective temporary help you need.Your Extended Staff temporary help services, is a ‘turn key’ service. Your company spends minimal time training and instructing our employees how to navigate your systems and follow your procedures. Our employees immediately take the ball and run with it; becoming a productive part of your credit & finance team. No longer will you have to spend your time training temps you have engaged from other sources on how to collect, how to post cash, how to properly resolve deductions or how to perform credit evaluations. Our “YES” staff begins contributing for you from day one.Over the past ten (10) years, your Association has performed 100’s of assignments for companies we serve, with billings in excess of $2.0 million dollars, making “YES” temporary help services a ‘premier and best source’ for business credit, collection, and accounts receivable temporary help.

Need Help Today?
If your company has an immediate need for help and you wish to check on our employees’ availability or receive a quotation for services, complete the Temporary Help Services & Quotation Request, call or email us today. Ask for Darryl Rowinski at 262.827.2880.



You can outsource tasks to your Association and take advantage of our back-office operations.

What is it?

A cost-effective way to determine credit worthiness, coordinate collections or resolve unauthorized deductions by assigning the task(s) to experienced professionals behind the scenes.

Who Can Use It?
  • Companies that during peak times, need our staff to “step-in”, get results, then “step-out”.
  • Companies who do not have a person or sufficient staff to dedicate to managing your receivables and generating cash flow.
  • Companies who do not have the office space available to accommodate extra people.
  • Companies who do not need their systems updated at the time routine collection calls are made.
  • Smaller companies that are unable to hire a person to perform the credit & collections function but need help turning their receivables into cash.
  • Companies looking for quicker receivables turn over.
How Does It Work?

You provide the Association’s “YES” Department with a current accounts receivable aging. Based upon our interview with you, our experienced staff will make the appropriate contacts with those accounts you advise us to call. For example, accounts that are over 90 or 120 days, highlighted accounts or your entire receivable portfolio, across all aging brackets. One of our staff members will call your customers, identify themselves as a representative of your company, and proceed to advise their payables department of your terms, the amount owed, and get a commitment for payment. The payments from your customers are sent directly to your company or to the appropriate remit-to address.

What If There Is A Problem With Your Receivables?

No correspondence is sent from our office to your customer. Should there be a valid reason why payment is not forthcoming; such as, price error, short shipment or wrong material received, we will provide you with notes and advise you of action required. Your in-house staff will then send copies of lost invoices, proofs of deliveries, assign MRA’s, etc. You will also be advised of payment schedules and dates to expect payment by notations on your accounts receivable aging. Any exceptions will be communicated to you via e-mail, telephone, or fax. All information regarding your receivables will be kept in the strictest confidence. Wisconsin Credit Association will provide you with a confidentiality agreement if you so require. Our professional staff acts as an extension of your accounting, credit or collection department. Our number one goal is to protect the assets of your company and enhance your cash flow.

Have A New Customer That You Need To Have Reviewed To Determine If They are Credit Worthy?

Our staff will perform a credit investigation for you, using sources available to us, and provide you with recommendations on granting credit to, or the credit worthiness of your customer. In either or both scenarios, you can use our expertise to enhance your cash flow, add new, credit-worthy customers with confidence, or side step potential bad debts or problem accounts. Outsourcing is smart, cost-effective, and results oriented.

How Do You Find Out More?
Simply call Darryl Rowinski at Wisconsin Credit Association, 262.827.2880 or e-mail us at darrylr@wcacredit.org, today! Help is one contact away.