Comprehensive Credit Professional’s Training Series

Online – On Time – Concise – Thorough
In Depth – Relevant

In collaboration with the American Society of Credit & Collection Professionals, this series of courses was developed to provide comprehensive training for individuals in credit and collection in order to prepare them for their role in this ever-changing field.

Training for the Certified Professional Collector & the Certified Credit Professional

You may apply for the Certified Professional Collector (CPC) and Certified Credit Professional (CCP) after 5 years on-the-job experience. However, by successfully completing the CPC and CCP Modules and passing all the exams, you will be eligible to apply for the Certification(s). If you are approved by the CSB Board and work one year in business credit and/or collection you, will be recognized as a Certified Credit Professional and/or a Certified Professional Collector.

This series will help those who aspire to become Certified and also those who wish to use these courses to learn techniques that will improve their job skills immediately!

About the courses:
Each course is approximately one (1 ) hour in length. Courses can be taken individually, and used for professional training or the series of courses can be taken to fulfill certification requirements for either the Certified Credit Professional (CCP) or the Certified Professional Collector (CPC) accreditation. To meet eligibility requirements for accreditation, students must complete all courses in each module. In addition, certain core competencies are required for both the CPC and the CCP accreditations, Dropbox is required to receive the recordings. A link to a free download will be sent along with your confirmation.

Students will indicate on the registration form their choice of courses or if they wish to take the complete series. Please note: A sizable discount in fees is offered for participation in the entire series of programs.

Completion of the Course or Program:
For those enrolled in the entire series to fulfill the CPC and/or CCP Certification requirements an extensive examination will be administered following completion of the coursework. Successfully passing the exam(s) at the conclusion of the courses is required to qualify for the CCP and/or CPC eligibility requirements. An Application for Council Record should be submitted to the CSB Board prior to enrolling in the series if you are taking all the courses to pursue the CPC and/or CCP accreditations.

Successful completion of one or both modules with a minimum of one (1) year each working in the business credit or business collection field, allows the applicant to request the CSB Board review their application under the training series plan.

Participation Tracking: A Certificate of Completion will be awarded to students completing one or both CCP | CPC Modules and passing the exams. For those individuals seeking to meet course requirements for accreditation, a transcript will accompany your Completion Certificate that you will send with your Application For Council Record to apply for your Certification(s) to the American Society of Credit & Collection Professionals. All registered attendees, regardless of the number of courses taken, will receive a Student Record Participation Form.