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There are many benefits derived from ICE membership:

  • Network with your peers to find solutions to common problems and use our mentor resources to provide expert help with specific issues.
  • We have support – administrative, collections, credit reporting, adjustments, and research – available through the local WCA office and its affiliates. In addition, our members include many prestigious manufacturers, banks, forwarders, brokers, as well as the U.S. Department of Commerce and Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation.
  • Our meetings, held every other month at various locations around the state, feature world class presenters of educational, cultural, and sometimes humorous topics of interest. We often include member presentations of “World Region Reviews” and round table open discussions of questions generated by our members.
  • Recent sessions sponsored by ICE have included letters of credit and a full array of export documentation issues, export insurance, foreign exchange and loss prevention. Analyses have targeted crises and their impact on Mexico and Latin America, China and the Pac Rim, and Eastern Europe. We’ve also looked at the opportunities for doing business in the more risky markets.In addition, as an ICE member, you will have access through our web site to the presentations from previous meetings, valuable links to our highly recommended informational resources, results of member surveys, and our most valuable asset – our members and their expertise via our membership roster. For further information regarding ICE, or to send us your comments, please return to our Contact Page.


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