EXPERIAN Business Database

(Direct Access Available)
The best choice for reports on your customers.  A variety of report options are available including full business profiles, business owner reports, summary reports, small business advisory reports, industry profiles, and business scoring reports. This database has emerged as a valuable credit manager’s tool. If you need to know how your customer pays creditors, Experian is your solution.

EQUIFAX Small Business

A unique small business credit report that leverages & displays proprietary banking and leasing information from the Small Business Financial Exchange. Forty-six of the nation’s top fifty financial institutions in the United States provide their experience for the small businesses they serve. Now unsecured trade creditors can access this powerful and informative database to find, evaluate, and manage your small business customers.


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The largest business credit report provider in the world and the most recognized name in credit reporting circles. Members have access to the DNBI Risk Report. Database specializes in medium to large companies.


(Direct Access Available*) is a nationally recognized company providing consumer credit reports from Equifax, Trans Union, and Experian. Credit Managers and Senior Level Decision Makers use to verify creditworthiness on the personal guarantor of an LLC or Corporation, sole proprietors, mom & pop shops, restaurant owners, contractors, individuals, and other businesses defined in The Fair Credit Reporting Act.


(Direct Access Available – Industry Credit Group Membership Required)
Your customer’s payment habits have been captured from one or more of the credit association offices across the country via industry credit groups and direct data contributions. This trade information database is your low-cost source of data originating from member companies actively selling to the subject.

EQUIFAX (Formerly Creditel) – Canadian Credit Reports

(Direct Access Available)
The best credit reports available on Canadian companies. Equifax commercial credit information is derived from reliable and trusted trade data suppliers, industry credit groups, collection agencies, courts, and the Superintendent Office of Bankruptcy. Equifax includes payment habits, overall business risk, weighted prediction indices (risk & payment), summary/detailed trade, and derogatory information.

COFACE International

Coface is the premier source for international credit reports. This provider of international credit reports is a source for other prominent international credit-reporting providers. Coverage is worldwide, to every country with no exceptions. Every report is fully investigated to ensure the timeliest information is delivered. Credit limit opinions provided.

CREDITREFORM International Commercial Reports

An international credit report from Creditreform provides a complex look at the company and its economic situation. It allows you to get fast and reliable risk assessments on potential and existing business partners and will aid in your business decisions. Fresh investigations are conducted on any active company around the globe. The assessment of creditworthiness and credit risk is based on a rating system, which was developed specifically for credit and receivables management: the Creditreform Solvency Index. Credit limit recommendations provided. Flash Reports are available within 2-3 business days.


TLO ONLINE INVESTIGATION SERVICES-extensive skips tracing tools to locate even the hardest to reach individuals and businesses that owe the debt. TLO returns critical data on key debtor information such as current phone numbers, addresses, relatives, associates, place of employment, property ownership, vehicles, and other assets.
STATE DEPARTMENT OF FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS-verify, locate, and confirm legal names of corporations, limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships, and limited liability companies.
BANKRUPTCY AND LEGAL DOCUMENTS- access to bankruptcy, civil and criminal complaints, and documents.


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Kreller International Credit reports are exclusively produced & investigated for each creditor. Kreller provides current information available at the time of the inquiry. Superior reports & superb service. Coverage is worldwide, to every country with no exceptions. Credit limit opinions provided.



Credit Reports are available to any member, whether or not a subscriber, just contact our office at (888) 546-2880.  If you would direct internet access to the available database(s), please contact Gail for information and costs.