Member Testimonials

Being a consultant and independent contractor, I have worked with a number of companies in different industries. I recommend membership in the Wisconsin Credit Association/Business Credit Management Association to all of them, which provides contacts and sources for Continuing Education and answers to questions. Membership can save your company a great deal. Each year, through the newsletter, the State Conference, the classes, the seminars, and calling the Association with your own questions, you get information about how to deal with the latest credit and collection issues. At the Wisconsin Credit Association/Business Credit Management Association, you have contacts and sources for your Continuing Education and answers to questions.

Continuing Education
The Association pays attention to the latest issues in credit and collection and changes in laws. In recent years, Bankruptcy and UCC laws have changed. The newsletter, the State Conference, the classes, and the seminars keep you informed. Often I need the information they offer now. I also pay attention to the unfamiliar issues they choose. As things change, I know I might soon need to become familiar with them.

Answers to Questions
You may have questions about the different types of credit reports or international trade or something in credit and collection that you are not familiar with. If you need help with credit and collection questions, where do you go or who do you ask? How reliable is the source? Does your source or contact know the answer or know who else has the answer? You may not think you need help or have any questions. I used to think that way until I had to deal with bankruptcies. What happens to creditors in a customer’s bankruptcy, in my opinion, is unfair, unclear, uncertain, and unknown to most of us in day to day credit and collection. Reading, common sense, and logic could not give me the help I needed. You need the experience and knowledge of someone who has been there. You need the knowledge at an affordable price. Some professionals charge $100s per hour for sharing their knowledge. You may have received a Notice of Bankruptcy filing, a Chapter 11 (Reorganization) that is later converted to a Chapter 7 (Liquidation). You lose your customer’s payment for your open invoices and now can only reduce losses in other areas. During the Chapter 11, there were claims to file— Reclamation Claim, Administrative Expense Claim, and Proof of Claim. After the Chapter 7, there was the Preference Payment Claim for all payments that your company receives within 90 days of the bankruptcy filing. After losing a large amount on the open invoices, the Trustee by law wanted to know if the debtor gave you preferential treatment. The Creditor has three defenses. The representative for the Bankruptcy Trustee, who does this all the time, is paid a percentage to collect those payments. Answer carefully. Your answers can be used to build the case against you. Then there is the State of Wisconsin form of Bankruptcy, Receivership Chapter 128, which has different regulations.

How do you learn what to do? At the Wisconsin Credit Association/Business Credit Management Association, you have contacts and sources. When I need help, I have called the Association. Darryl Rowinski coached me about how to complete Administrative Expense and Reclamation claims, how to respond, and how to present defenses for Preference Payment Claims and Receivership Chapter 128. Some companies had estimated serious losses even if the defenses went well. Several times, the defenses were successful in reducing the final amount to zero. Other times, the defenses significantly reduced the amounts that were due.

My thanks to Darryl and the Association for being there to help me over the years. I could not have done it without them. The companies that I work with, and I, need their support and know that they need ours as members.

Since 1993, Tom Hoyum of Hoyum Services has worked as a consultant and an independent contractor with companies to develop and maintain their credit and collection process — policies and procedures. To all of his clients, he recommends membership in the Wisconsin Credit Association/Business Credit Management Association. Several have joined. While the companies are in very different industries, they all benefit from the Association’s services and programs.


I truly have enjoyed working with your organization. You and your staff do an outstanding job with the groups, educational programs and services. I have worked with other credit organizations around the country and your organization is by far the best. Thanks to you for the support over the years.

Lori Miskovic


I have always been and will always be a great supporter of Industry Credit Groups. The info from the recent industry credit group meeting I attended saved us from a $35,000 problem account. A name was mentioned after the book of reports and 3 members had balances over 90 days. I had a new credit application on my desk with a pending order of about $35,000. Because of receiving this info about problems with other members, I was able to avoid a $35,000 problem – hats off to WCA and their credit groups!!!!!!!! Anyone who is not attending these meetings on a regular basis is missing a valuable source of info about problem accounts.

Grant Gelhar CCE, Corporate Credit Manager, Temperature Systems, Inc., Madison WI