Resume Referral Service

How the Service Works

The Business Credit Management Association Wisconsin has been successful in matching qualified experienced individuals with open credit and credit-related positions. Interested parties are invited to take advantage of this specialized service.


After contacting The Association, candidates will be asked to complete a Personal Profile and supply The Association with three (3) copies of their resumes. All documents will be kept in confidential files maintained by The Association. Wherever appropriate, your resume will be sent to a prospective employer if their and your requirements reasonably match. Candidates will not be advised as to whom their resume is being forwarded. Prospective employers will call you directly and should advise you that your resume was received from The Association. It is an absolute requirement that persons that have their resumes on file must contact The Association immediately if they obtain employment or wish to change data on their profile.


Employers may contact The Association to register open credit and credit-related positions. Employers indicate the specifications and qualifications of the positions. We will search the talent pool for qualifying candidates. Then forward these resumes immediately via fax or mail, the employer’s preference. Candidates whose resume is provided to employers will not be advised that their resume has been forwarded to a prospective employer. This allows total anonymity. We request that if an employer contacts a candidate, they do so directly and advise the candidate, “their resume was received through The Association.” The Business Credit Management Association Wisconsin backs away from any further involvement unless the employer’s requirements or qualifications are altered, and they request additional resumes.

Fee Schedule

The Business Credit Management Association Wisconsin views this service as a Value Added Member Benefit. NO FEES ARE CHARGED TO THE EMPLOYER. Member companies should expect this assistance from their credit management association.

Salary Ranges

The BCMA – Wisconsin obtains salary range desires from candidates and potential employers. This information is strictly confidential and is not released or shared with either party. If in the final review a candidate meets a majority of the potential employer’s requirements and the comparative ranges touch anywhere, the resume is sent. The Association assumes nothing. It’s up to the potential employer to “pay for experience” and the potential employee to “evaluate an opportunity.”

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The Association is not an employment agency nor does it warrant or guarantee jobs to those seeking open positions. The Association merely provides information to mutual parties who are responsible for the complete evaluation and determination of mutual employment opportunities. Prospective employees and employers are solely responsible for their individual decisions to accept or hire person(s) originating from the resume pool that The Business Credit Management Association Wisconsin has on file.